3 Questions Sellers Must Ask to Close More Deals

In this episode, our hosts Brian Dietmeyer and Dan Sanchez tackle the outdated methods of negotiation and reveal the key questions that can give sellers the upper hand in any sales deal.


[00:02:13] Importance of planning and negotiation blueprinting.

[00:04:49] Power comes from meeting customer needs confidently and minimizing risk, while sales reps fear losing deals and missing out on bonuses.

[00:06:47] Negotiation and decision making are similar; both involve accepting or rejecting a deal. Stakeholders and criteria matter in the process.

[00:10:14] Different question: What does success look like?

[00:15:16] Perceived success is valuable in marketing sales.

[00:17:31] Quick story: partnership with Harvard negotiation professor

[00:20:55] Three financial offerings for customer choice.

[00:24:07] Coaching for a deal: questions, scenarios, paths.

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