Cracking the Code: Understanding the Language of AI in Enterprise Sales w/Mike Anderson

In this episode of Close Mode, we dive deep into the world of AI with renowned expert Mike Anderson. Mike shares his extensive background in AI, recounting remarkable projects that demonstrate the immense potential of AI, from utilizing satellite data to solve food distribution challenges in Africa to creating touching moments with AI-generated music. Host Brian Dietmeyer and Mike explore the language of AI and how it can be leveraged in sales, from chatGPT to generative AI. They discuss the significance of AI in revolutionizing sales processes and empowering individuals to embrace these technological advancements. If you're new to AI or seeking insights into its practical applications in sales, this episode offers a compelling introduction to the transformative potential of AI in the business world.


00:00 First-time tech CEO learns from investors' terminology.

04:54 AI learns by guessing and adapting rapidly.

08:24 AI chat GPT helps newbies understand capabilities.

11:34 Long history of negotiating informs sales tool.

15:51 Rapid tech changes require constant learning and adaptation.

17:43 Access real experts' knowledge through advanced tools.

20:14 AI causing disruption in creative industries soon.

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