From Strategy to Execution: Ai, Process, & Leadership In Sales w/Meelad Nikpourian

In this episode of CloseMode, we have an insightful conversation between Brian Dietmeyer and Meelad Nikpourian, the Vice President of Commercial Operations and Strategy at Fortive. Meelad shares his expertise on optimizing the sales funnel through a 360-degree pipeline view. The discussion delves into the importance of a granular approach to understanding target markets, leveraging AI for data cleansing, and the strategic role of product and sales enablement in driving success. Throughout the episode, Meelad emphasizes the value of agility and problem-solving, providing practical insights and strategies for driving pipeline growth. Tune in for an engaging and motivational conversation that will leave you with valuable takeaways.


00:00 Optimizing sales funnel by analyzing every step.

05:40 Daily visual management tracks critical KPIs efficiently.

07:41 AI helps with data mapping and cleansing.

10:35 Strategy to bring in multiple products for cross-selling.

14:20 Policy deployment initiative involves cross-functional team.

17:33 Annual planning shifted to quarterly selling speed.

20:35 Utilizing PSP tool for in-depth problem solving.

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