From Theory to Practice: A Sales Training Masterclass w/Jeff Lowndes

Welcome to CloseMode, the enterprise sales show! In this episode, Brian Dietmeyer talks to Jeff Lowndes, the sales enablement and learning lead at Snap, for a deep dive into the evolution of sales training. Jeff shares insights into moving from a traditional teaching model to a focus on application, creating more impactful learning experiences for sellers. He discusses the shift from theoretical training to real-world facilitated workshops, emphasizing the importance of handling objections and engaging frontline managers. Furthermore, Jeff highlights the implications for change management and shares valuable resources for those looking to navigate individual and organizational transitions.


00:00 Sales training evolved towards scalable, contextual application.

05:11 Adapting skills to real-world scenarios excites attendees.

06:59 Practice with real examples for successful sales.

10:33 Buy-in and clear trade-offs for impact. Focus on fruitful conversations and application.

13:46 Facilitating workshops requires creating guardrails for discussion.

17:58 Encourage learning and engagement for frontline managers.

20:09 Addressing the gap in customer negotiation skills.

24:01 Transitioning from corporate VP to independent consultant.

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