How to Gather Competitive Intelligence To Win More Deals w/Hermann Handa

Today we have a fascinating interview with Hermann Handa, Director of Sales Effectiveness at FCT and a founding member of the Revenue Enablement Society. Host Brian Dietmeyer engages Hermann in a deep dive into the world of competitive enablement, exploring its definition, best practices, and its critical role in sales. Together, they uncover the importance of executive buy-in, objective competitive analysis, effective practice strategies, and the vital role of customer benefits in competitive enablement. Join us to gain valuable insights into the rapidly evolving landscape of competitive sales and how to secure more wins in competitive deals.


00:00 Competitive intelligence analyzes and guides sales messaging.

05:39 Understanding customer needs crucial for successful selling.

07:33 Start with clear goals, inform executives, focus.

12:30 Track win rates to measure competitive success.

14:34 Differences in deal size require different support.

17:47 Feature shifted conversation to CRO, prompted panic.

20:04 Acknowledge competitors to earn trust and credibility.

24:43 Deals more competitive than ever, differentiation crucial.

26:37 Market shifts require short term advantages.

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