Redefining Talent Sourcing: Unpacking the Nuances of Enterprise Sales and National Accounts

In this episode of CloseMode, Brian Dietmeyer interviews Brad Rosen, the president at Sales Assembly, about the unique aspects of enterprise sales. They delve into the common mistakes made when sourcing enterprise sellers, the specific skills needed for success in enterprise sales, and the challenges in identifying and retaining talent in this field. Brad shares his insights on the distinctions between enterprise sales and national account management, and emphasizes the importance of differentiating the care and feeding of enterprise sellers. Join us for an enlightening discussion that sheds light on the intricacies of enterprise sales and the strategies for nurturing success in this dynamic space.


00:00 Avoid flashy resumes, consider needed skills carefully.

05:29 Champion needs info and passion to convince.

08:56 References vital, relationship management experience key.

11:19 Managers crucial, top reps last to go.

14:48 Measuring success in enterprise sales is challenging.

17:56 Enterprise needs time to adapt for success.

20:10 Balancing roles and expectations within sales teams.

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