Sales Training is Dead—Long Live Sales Training w/Brian Dietmeyer

In this episode, titled "Sales Training is Dead," hosts Brian Dietmeyer and Dan Sanchez dive into the notion that sales training is sometimes used as a last-ditch effort to buy time in sales leadership positions. Brian, with his extensive experience in sales training and as a CEO of a sales training company, reflects on the shortcomings of traditional sales training and introduces a new methodology called "Close Strong." This episode explores the evolving landscape of sales training, the infusion of AI technology into sales enablement, and the shift towards just-in-time coaching and contextual data. Join us as we challenge the status quo and redefine sales training for the modern era.


00:00 Enjoyed delivering strategic selling courses to teams.

06:26 80% revenue from events, struggle with sustainability.

09:53 Legacy sales approaches carry through to new roles.

12:37 Redefining sales training, emphasizing skill application.

14:55 Context, rapid feedback crucial for marketing success.

18:59 Sheet is key for guided selling success.

20:17 Using AI to scale 1 to 1.

25:43 AI can enhance sales coaching for humans.

28:24 Excited about Close Strong AI, a new product.

29:53 Brian, thank you for joining me again.

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