Strategic Decision Making: Frameworks for Sales Leaders w/Shawn Pillow

Welcome to CloseMode, where your host Brian Dietmeyer takes you through the nuanced art of enterprise selling decision-making. Today, we're joined by Shawn Pillow, Director of Sales Enablement at Granicus, to explore the critical yet often undertrained skill of making smart, timely decisions in the high-stakes world of enterprise sales. We’ll discuss the complexities of customer decision-making processes, the importance of avoiding the sunk cost fallacy, and the significant impact every choice has on personal and company brand equity.


00:00 Reflects on life, decision-making, and newscaster experiences.

04:51 Gaining certainty in negotiation leads to risk.

07:42 Cooperating with client success increased business referrals.

12:43 Splitting difference not always fair in negotiation.

13:23 Enterprise sales thrive on cohesive team effort.

18:34 Filter decisions by asking "to what end."

21:33 Considering intentions and productivity in building trust.

27:01 Understanding the complex nature of decision-making.

29:39 Embrace failure, quick fixes, adaptability in enterprise sales.

33:19 Procurement focuses on weighted attribute decision matrices.

36:42 Thinking about decisions as ultimately selling.

38:35 Encouragement to consider decision-making skills in sales.

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