Unlocking the Value of Relationships in Enterprise Sales w/Chad Flesher

In this episode of CloseMode, Brian Dietmeyer talks to Chad Flesher, director of enterprise sales for Netradyne, about modern enterprise selling. Chad delves into the evolving landscape of relationship selling, emphasizing the shifting focus from personal relationships to business relationships. The conversation explores the impact of technology on sales processes and the critical role of empathy in forging genuine connections with clients. The episode provides valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in enterprise sales, with a thought-provoking emphasis on the importance of being prescriptive in the business relationship. Join us as we uncover the nuances of modern enterprise selling and gain valuable perspectives from Chad Flesher's wealth of experience in the field.


00:00 Customers buy from those they like and value.

06:22 Sales relies on personal value and relationships.

07:25 Car insurance loyalty wanes with large increases.

10:52 Prescriptive language impact on buyer-seller dynamics.

14:21 Importance of true partnership in sales perception.

17:44 Empathy is essential for successful business relationships.

21:24 Too many unsolicited emails annoy prospective clients.

24:12 Leverage relationships, rise above noise, enhance effectiveness.

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