Sales Close Training

Get the Same Thing Cheaper

“I can get the same thing cheaper.”

Schedule a demo of CloseStrong and get a free PDF copy of Brian Dietmeyer’s negotiation handbook: B2B Street Fighting

Based on years of research, 15 years of practical application, and consulting on over 20,000 B2B negotiations in nearly 50 countries.

B2B Street Fighting redefines how you think about negotiation.

Negotiation has long been considered a soft skill or a series of random verbal tactics. No more!

Gone are yesterday’s long lists of tactics and countermeasures.

B2B Street Fighting finally reveals that, despite all its apparent moving parts and players, negotiation is a highly repeatable, predictable process.

By embracing the inherent complexity of B2B deals, this book trains you to find and analyze the data you need to anticipate, prepare for, and neutralize 97% of buyer negotiation tactics, including the scariest sentence you will ever hear: “I can get the same thing cheaper.”

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