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Personal Relationships in Sales: Does the personal relationship matter in selling?

Do Personal Relationships in Sales Matter?

Will a personal relationship help you close more deals?

In selling, we hear about “the relationship” as the reason deals are won or lost.

  • Would you buy an inferior solution from someone you like better than someone else?
  • Conversely, if you find a great solution at a fair price but don’t really like the salesperson, would you buy that solution?

As the “victim” of multiple back surgeries, I’ve interviewed doctors for second opinions. In every case, I have always chosen the doctor I felt was most qualified, even if they were not a great communicator or if they had a terrible bedside manner.

On the other hand, when it comes to elected officials, research shows that voters would choose the person they would “rather have a beer with.” Don’t get me started on this topic!

I guess that means a relationship can be defined in two ways:

  • PERSONAL: I really like this person.
  • BUSINESS: This person and their solution will help me advance my goals.

In sales, we know unequivocally that “winners win when they show customers how they meet their needs at higher confidence and lower risk than alternatives.”

As buying becomes more sophisticated and also more committee-driven, we believe the focus on business relationships is more important than ever.

We need to help buyers diagnose and understand their own needs cross-functionally AND have an even better idea than they do about how our proposed solution meets their needs at higher confidence and lower risk than alternatives.

The result leads to better personal relationships.

I like people that help me be more successful. What about you?

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