Accelerating Sales Onboarding: Expert Insights for Effective Enablement w/Jenn Haskell

Welcome to CloseMode, where we delve into the world of sales enablement and leadership. In this episode, host Brian Dietmeyer interviews Jenn Haskell, a seasoned director of sales enablement at Nasuni, to explore the critical topic of onboarding in sales teams. As they discuss the challenges and strategies surrounding onboarding, they uncover the impact of hiring the right talent, adapting to the learning habits of millennials, and the necessity of ongoing evaluation and updates to the onboarding process. With a focus on individual development plans and specialized onboarding, Jenn shares her insights on how Nasuni achieves successful onboarding for their sales representatives. Tune in as they also touch on the importance of emotional intelligence for sales managers and resources for empowering direct reports. Get ready for an insightful and practical conversation on the art of effective onboarding in sales.


00:00 Onboarding the right people is essential.

04:04 Onboarding process analysis and outdated office equipment.

07:22 Improve onboarding, tailor training, enhance individual growth.

11:20 Personalized support helps retain and apply information.

15:56 Technology for call monitoring and coaching effectiveness.

19:06 Great sales reps become successful sales leaders.

20:40 Approach feedback with emotional intelligence and flexibility.

23:14 Summarize the text using 7 words: Onboarding, root cause, coaching, leveraging technology.

26:50 Flip thought process, invest in onboarding, retain talent.

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