Strategic Negotiation (part 4): Dividing Value for Better Deals

Welcome to another episode of Close Mode! In this installment, strategic negotiation experts Brian Dietmeyer and Dan Sanchez delve into dividing value. As they wrap up their four-part series on the process of strategic negotiation, they explore the concept of anchors and adjustment, and how the first offer on the table sets the tone for subsequent offers. They also provide insights into navigating common tactics used by buyers, such as price pressure or alternative comparisons. By the end of this episode, you'll understand how to effectively divide value and come out on top in negotiation scenarios. So grab your notebook and get ready to level up your negotiation skills with Brian and Dan on Close Mode. Let's dive in!


00:02 Master negotiator explains how to divide value.
03:08 Actor's car collection: brokers, alternatives, trophies, anchors.
07:40 Facts trump tricks in commercial negotiations.
11:24 Tactical dialogue, bullets fired, two prescriptions.
14:24 Lack of plan leads to fear in sales.
17:36 Simple negotiation approach: Consequences, great deal, paths.

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