Empowering Sales Teams: The Next Frontier of Revenue Enablement w/Allysa Plekavic

In today's episode, our host Brian Dietmeyer sits down with Allysa Plekavic, global sales enablement lead for Check Point Technologies, to discuss the critical importance of modern and contextual sales training. They explore the challenges companies face in implementing and adopting effective sales training methodologies, emphasizing the need for practical application and deal-specific skills. From the limitations of traditional training sessions to the potential of technology to enhance training, this episode offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of sales enablement. Join us as we uncover the future of revenue enablement and the necessity of localized programs tailored to individual needs, all while highlighting the essential role that first-line managers play in execution. Stay tuned as Brian and Allysa provide a thought-provoking take on the future of sales enablement and the importance of understanding the buyer's perspective in the sales process.


00:00 Sales expert highlights disconnect between leadership and execution.

04:32 Report focuses on event methodologies and aftermath plans.

07:47 Sales enablement facilitates consistency and missed opportunities.

10:12 Higher education's impact on vocational skills.

16:11 Global company adopts consistent selling methodology successfully.

19:14 Redefine sales training, focus on application.

23:13 Consultants versus technology in organizational decision-making.

23:57 Higher-level thinking needed for sales enablement definition.

29:14 "Critical for companies to stay ahead globally."

31:22 Enthusiastic support for context-based business approach.

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