Adapting Hiring Practices: Strategies for Nurturing a Diverse Sales Team w/Debra Senra

In this podcast episode of Close Mode, host Brian Dietmeyer delves into the world of sales hiring with guest Debra Senra, VP of Sales and Client Experience at Threeflow. They explore the evolving landscape of sales, challenging traditional hiring methods and emphasizing the need for adaptability. Join them as they discuss the changing dynamics of sales careers, the impact of failure, and the importance of empathy, resilience, and emotional intelligence in the modern sales environment. Together, they highlight the critical shift in sales culture, the rise of diverse hiring practices, and the necessity for sales leaders to pivot their approaches in a post-Covid world. Tune in for an insightful conversation on navigating the complexities of hiring in sales, understanding buyer behavior, and fostering a more inclusive and effective sales team.


00:00 Male-dominated tech sales valued charisma, ego. Bias in hiring.

04:34 Sales relationships now tied to personal success.

08:35 Buyers rank sellers 9th for insight.

09:51 Selling is about getting people to talk.

14:05 Sales leaders need presence, expertise, and adaptability.

16:12 Empathy and curiosity can identify strong candidates.

19:55 Interviewers focus on candidate fit, engage actively.

23:39 Some see failure as a timeline issue.

27:24 Terminating people can be a kindness.

32:13 Diverse hiring requires new management strategies.

33:07 Shifts in Covid impact, buying, diversity, leadership.

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