The State of Sales Enablement w/Brian Dietmeyer

In this episode of CloseMode, hosts Brian Dietmeyer and Dan Sanchez dive into the state of sales enablement. They discuss the shifting focus from sales enablement to revenue enablement, highlighting the need for standardization and clarity in defining this evolving function. They explore the changing landscape of sales enablement, emphasizing the importance of aligning strategy with execution to drive revenue. Join them as they share insights and perspectives on the future of sales enablement, now transitioning to revenue enablement.


00:00 Celebrating episode 23 of successful sales podcast.

06:27 Defining the role of sales enablement function.

08:10 Develop better compensation, funding, and reporting models.

12:32 Experience in sales enablement, similar to B2B.

14:09 Alignment on standards, reducing industry variance.

18:26 Book "Aligning Strategy in Sales" addresses fundamental revenue enablement.

19:52 More sound effects coming in the future.

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