Enterprise Sales: Quality Craft vs. Numbers Game w/John Gravanis

In this episode of CloseMode, host Brian Dietmeyer sits down with John Gravanis, Director of Global Enterprise Sales at ELB Learning, to discuss the concept of quality craft in enterprise sales. John shares his perspective on why sales should not solely be defined as a numbers game, and emphasizes the importance of building quality relationships with potential clients. He explains the need for sales teams to focus on tuning their messages and understanding customer needs before prioritizing numbers. The conversation delves into the nuances of quality craft at different stages of the sales process, the challenges of enabling salespeople to align with this notion, and the impact of cross-functional collaboration in achieving sales excellence. Join us as John and Brian explore the critical role of coaching, discovery, and the holistic approach of integrating marketing, product delivery, and sales to enhance the quality of enterprise sales.


00:00 Sales is about quality relationships, not just numbers.

05:58 Transitioning from unaware to competent involves coaching.

09:28 Streamline deal review with tiered templates.

11:48 Adapting sales approach to varying customer needs.

14:37 Elevating work to quality over pure numbers.

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