Strategic Negotiation (part 2): Signal and Validate for Optimal Outcomes

In this episode of our strategic negotiation series, we dive into the important steps of signaling and validating. Join hosts Brian Dietmeyer and Dan Sanchez as they discuss how to use this process to align with reality and gather real data for negotiations. Discover how signal and validate can put meat on the bones of your estimated deals, ensuring a more strategic approach. Listen in as Brian shares a real-life example and explains how to use questions to guide the decision-making process and broaden the discussion beyond just price. Don't miss this insightful episode on creating value and leading the conversation in negotiations. Stay tuned for the next episode as we continue our series on strategic negotiation!

Time Stamps:

03:36 Curiosity, signaling, fear, validation in decision making.

08:29 Complex deals require discovery sessions and validations, involving different people. Executives' interest lies in how our solution will affect business metrics, such as manufacturing, defect reduction, throughput, and margins. Technical level analysis considers ease of use. Additionally, we compare the alternative perspectives of a CTO and an ops manager.

10:05 Advise on customer decision process and criteria.

13:35 Sales methodologies take you halfway, then lead.

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