How to Build a Culture of High Performance Teams w/Dustin Ruge

In this must-listen episode of CloseMode, join host Brian Dietmeyer as he sits down with Dustin Ruge, the insightful president of Law Leaders. They tackle the formidable yet essential challenge of building a positive organizational culture in sales management. Discover the crucial role of leadership, the art of identifying and nurturing talent, and how tech innovations are reshaping the way culture is managed and measured. From the boardroom to the sales floor, learn how to foster an environment that prizes both respect and fairness, so tune in to glean wisdom that could revolutionize your team’s dynamic and drive unparalleled success.


00:00 Understanding organizational culture as shared values, experiences.

05:58 Marriott Hotels' culture is key for success.

08:11 High employee disengagement affects organizations negatively.

12:23 Sales management requires distinct leadership skills.

13:55 Articulating professional expectations in sales organizations succinctly.

19:18 Problems measuring culture, hiring without cultural fit.

23:04 New AI technology Maxwell monitors employee communication.

25:57 Employee retention tied to growth, feedback, learning.

27:15 Encouraging efficient, open communication within organizations is crucial.

32:25 Important questions to ask in determining culture.

34:43 Continuous improvement through open communication and training.

37:24 Struggling with leadership in professional sports culture.

40:44 Influential person raised team's level to success.

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