Close Your 2024 Pipeline: Better Methods for Closing Deals w/ James Springhetti

In this episode, our host Brian Dietmeyer sits down with the Director of Sales at ON 24, James Springhetti, to discuss the 2024 pipeline and the importance of effective discovery in the sales process. They explore the shifting landscape of pipeline coverage, the key role of quality discovery in improving close rates, and the critical impact of coaching by frontline managers. Join us as we uncover valuable insights and practical strategies for maximizing sales effectiveness in 2024.


00:00 Expect lower sales coverage in 2023.

03:46 Discussion covered low close rates and formality.

07:11 Inquire about go-live date, respect customer's timeline.

12:02 Ensure contracts include necessary questions for discovery.

15:08 Discovery changes with introduction of business impact.

16:48 Agreement on importance of guided discovery process.

20:18 Curious about quality of sales discovery frustration.

23:16 Dedication to business, meet your target.

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