On-Demand Revenue Enablement: The New Competitive Edge

In this episode of CloseMode, the enterprise sales show, Dan Sanchez and Brian Dietmeyer dive into the world of on-demand revenue enablement. Brian unpacks the history of sales training and the tectonic shift happening in the industry, addressing the challenges faced by companies in implementing strategies and training sales reps. They discuss the significance of continuous, in-context training and the need for a redefinition of sales training for the future. The conversation reveals the critical role of technology in enabling this new approach and touches upon the redefined competitive landscape and the necessity for sales reps to learn, unlearn, and relearn at a faster pace.

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00:00 Sales methodology training and shift to process.

03:46 Insufficient training, focus on pull-through and close plan.

09:28 Navigating shift from product selling to solutions.

13:16 Continuous, on-demand training needed for effective implementation.

14:57 Leveraging technology, training, and growth in business.

17:26 Challenging the need for on-demand revenue enablement.

20:34 New competitive landscape, enablement of reps, speed of change.

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