Strategic Negotiation (Part 1): The Art of Estimation

In this episode, we are joined  Brian Dietmeyer who wrote the book on this topic. We break down the first step of strategic negotiation: estimating. But what does it mean to estimate? It's not just about figuring out the buyer's budget, it's about estimating multiple categories of items to arm yourself with the right information. From understanding the buyer's alternative options to evaluating commercial terms, estimating plays a crucial role in the negotiation process. Join us as Brian and Dan Sanchez discuss the importance of estimation, the consequences of no agreement, and how to increase the perceived likelihood of success.


00:01 Strategic negotiation, book breakdown by Brian.

03:39 Customers compare, involve decision-makers, consider commercial terms.

08:00 Winning by meeting customer needs with confidence.

11:59 We guide decisions, add value for buyers.

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