Navigating the Emotional Buyer Journey in Enterprise Sales with Michael Conti

In today's episode, our host Brian Dietmeyer sits down with the Vice President of Sales, Michael Conti, to unravel the complexities of the sales process and the pivotal role of emotional intelligence in securing deals. Michael shares a powerful story of challenging a potential client's evaluation process and ultimately securing a $2.5 million deal, offering invaluable insights into aligning sales activities with the emotional journey of buyers. Join us as we explore the six phases of the emotional buyer journey, the challenges of selling new technologies, the impact of AI tools in the sales process, and the crucial importance of building a great sales team. Get ready to gain a deeper understanding of the emotional buyer journey and its impact on enterprise sales in today's enlightening episode with Michael Conti.


00:00 Discussion on emotional buyer journey after football.

04:08 Buyers often make suboptimal decisions emotionally or rationally.

07:49 Address their challenges, not your solution's details.

12:01 Gain stakeholder buy-in for unique solution.

14:11 Selling requires commitment from executive and user.

16:52 Prepare buyers upfront for potential business impact.

22:07 Choosing the last SEO link is important.

25:02 Encouraging CIO to promote change for advancement.

26:26 Obtain detailed purchasing process info for success.

32:55 Avoid aggressive outreach. Focus on marketing collaboration.

35:08 Confidential information can't go in CRM.

38:42 Create digital campaigns to engage customers effectively.

40:28 Appreciate the thoughtful approach and consider returning.

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