Beyond the Demo: The Evolution of Sales Discovery w/Thomas Gavaghan

In this episode, we have the privilege of interviewing Thomas Gavaghan, VP of global presales at Kyriba. Host Brian Dietmeyer engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Thomas about the art of discovery and its vital role in the sales process. The discussion covers topics such as the challenges of immediate gratification in sales, the frustration with the quality of discovery, the impact of poor discovery, modern approaches to discovery, capturing and operationalizing data, and the importance of systematic data capture and sharing. With insightful analogies ranging from medical diagnosis to cable provider frustrations, this episode promises to shed light on the intricate world of sales discovery and customer success.


00:00 Deliberating diverse perspectives in philosophical debates causes frustration.

04:11 Expert presales teams create effective customer solutions.

08:55 Presales success: start with end result first.

13:16 Guide customers through software with vision, value.

15:51 Help customers save time, provide new insights.

20:10 CRM tool tracks buyer activity, formalizing data collection.

24:02 Efficient communication, avoid repeating information, discovery questions.

24:54 Qualify, understand, communicate, and manage sales effectively.

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