Catching Deals Before They Slip w/Robert Christini

In this episode of CloseMode, host Brian Dietmeyer sits down with Robert Christini, senior director of solution sales at Cox Automotive, to discuss the challenges of dealing with deal slippage and getting deals closed. They delve into the root causes of this issue, the increasing complexities in the sales process, and the impact on forecast accuracy. Robert shares valuable insights into the steps taken to ensure deals move forward and provides practical tips for managing the sales process effectively. This episode offers a wealth of knowledge for sales professionals and leaders looking to improve their forecast accuracy and navigate the complexities of enterprise sales.


00:00 Lenders require compliance, diligence, and transparency.

05:17 Stay organized, hold everyone accountable for timing.

08:23 Improved due diligence processes and proactive negotiations.

12:00 Focus on small deals for faster revenue.

13:22 Enthusiastic about whale hunting, discussing forecast accuracy.

16:42 Encouraging collaboration and gratitude for participation.

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