AI and Revenue Enablement: Revolutionizing Sales Coaching for Maximum Impact w/Jonathan Kvarfordt

Welcome to Close Mode, the enterprise sales show where we dive deep into the world of sales enablement, revenue generation, and the impact of AI on the future of sales. In this episode, host Brian Dietmeyer is joined by Jonathan Kvarfordt, head of go-to-market revenue enablement at Symetric and founder of the Go to Market AI Academy. Together, they explore the transformation of sales enablement in response to market changes and the increasing use of AI, emphasizing the need for a strategic shift towards revenue enablement. Join them as they discuss the pivotal role of personalized, context-specific coaching using AI technology, the importance of practical, application-based training, and the transformative potential of AI in aligning training with real-world situations. Get ready for an insightful conversation about the evolving landscape of sales enablement and the strategic shift towards revenue enablement in the age of AI.


00:00 Difficulty in measuring enablement's impact across industries.

03:53 Questioning the need for training with data.

08:51 Get involved in Strategic Account Management Association.

10:41 Learn from leadership journey, tie compensation to ROI, strategy execution arm.

15:52 AI will help apply training to customers.

19:41 Personalized coaching adapting to individual strengths and needs.

22:06 Practice new sales pitches before presenting to customers.

25:44 Sales methodology shift enabled by AI profit.

28:31 Challenging traditional methods with innovative thinking.

32:53 Optimizing coaching process through AI and human input.

35:06 AI can enhance, but human interaction crucial.

37:14 Agreement with concern about AI replacing coaches.

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