Building Elite Sales Teams: Strategies from ZoomInfo's VP of Sales

In this episode of CloseMode, host Brian Dietmeyer sits down with Steve Waters, Vice President of Sales at ZoomInfo, for a deep dive into scaling enterprise sales best practices. They discuss the critical role of in-house sales training, mastering negotiation tactics, and leveraging sales reps' unique 'superpowers' to improve team performance. Steve shares ZoomInfo's internal approach to identifying and cultivating these skills, the impact of virtual sales environments, and the benefits of peer-led trainings. For any sales professionals looking to up their game or sales leaders aiming to elevate their teams, this conversation is packed with actionable insights and tactical tips, including the innovative '1% meeting' concept where reps teach their most effective strategies.


00:00 Scaling enterprise sales best practices through internal peer sharing.

03:08 Identifying strengths to improve sales processes.

07:21 Identifying urgency key to closing sales effectively.

12:11 Collaborative and competitive environment for resident experts.

15:31 Training segments are typically under an hour.

17:02 Salespeople seek insights from top performers extensively.

22:22 Advantage of unique, tailored sales training services.

24:40 Book "The 53 Truths of Negotiating" analyzed.

28:38 Innovative approach to sales cycle improvement praised.

31:14 Monitor body language on Zoom for sales.

33:12 Steve, our podcast is street level and precise, and I appreciate your time sharing these brilliant ideas.

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