Sales Training Is Broken. Here's How To Fix It w/Paul Butterfield

In today's episode, our host Brian Dietmeyer sits down with Paul Butterfield, CEO of the Revenue Flywheel Group, and executive board president of the Revenue Enablement Society. As they dive into the world of sales and revenue enablement, they discuss the challenges facing sales training, the shift towards revenue-centric approaches, and the potential impact of AI on the future of enablement. Join us as we explore the evolving landscape of enterprise sales and gain valuable insights from Paul Butterfield's wealth of experience in the industry.


00:00 Too much focus on product and features.

05:02 Grew up in sales, led teams, improvement.

07:26 Measure impact, speak the c-suite's language.

09:42 Experienced professional sees potential in revenue enablement.

15:07 Sales enablement needs strong playbook for success.

16:47 Diverse enablement backgrounds require adapting and upskilling.

19:30 Speaker emphasized the need for AI blueprint.

22:33 Appreciate your time, lots going on.

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