Selling as Consultation: Phil Goulet's Take on Transforming the Buyer-Seller Dynamic

In this episode, Brian Dietmeyer talks to Phil Goulet, Director of Sales at Finalsite, about the idea that the customer might not always be right and exploring the pivotal role of salespeople in the buying process. They discuss the art of diagnosing true customer needs and how sales professionals can transcend traditional selling to become value-driven consultants. This episode is a must-listen for anyone in sales looking to elevate their approach and build deeper trust with customers. Get ready for an episode that challenges sales norms and provides insights into mastering the consultative sales approach, right here on CloseMode.


00:00 Customers don't always know what they want.

03:25 Teaching decision making, heuristics, and customer reactions.

07:39 Initially declined, but open to discussion later.

12:42 Stakeholders lack involvement, decision makers silo responses.

14:10 Establish trust, understand needs, prioritize client's goals.

18:09 Impress decision makers by building trust.

20:35 Initial cold outreach should focus on strategy.

24:29 In-depth diagnostics revealed digital platform challenges.

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