Strategic Negotiations (part 3): The Power of Creating Joint Value

In this episode, Brian Dietmeyer and Dan Sanchez, continue their insightful conversation on the third step of the negotiation process. They explore how to effectively create value based on the information gathered from the buyer. From discussing the importance of presenting multiple options to understanding the key commercial terms, Brian and Dan provide practical tips and examples for successfully creating value in negotiations. Join us as we uncover the secrets to moving from price-focused negotiations to value-focused discussions. Stay tuned for an enlightening conversation on dividing value in the next and final episode of our strategic negotiation series. Welcome to Close Mode!


03:06 Divide and create joint value in negotiation.

06:06 Presenting offers strategically to meet customer demands.

09:47 Summarize text: Identify key commercial terms and players.

13:09 Three aspects of offerings summarized in 7 words: Title, solution, commercial terms; Skinny, cheaper solution; Tactical, bare bones, terrible option; First robust, high priced, often rejected; Middle, moved from tactical to strategic.

14:46 Preparation, validation, co-creation, competing, and multiple options.

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