Strategic Enablement and AI: Pioneering Revenue Growth in the Evolving Sales Landscape w/Fiona Simpson

Welcome to Close Mode, where we delve into the world of sales enablement and enterprise selling. In this episode, host Brian Dietmeyer interviews Fiona Simpson, the sales enablement lead at D2L. They explore the challenges faced by sales organizations when launching new products or following acquisitions, stressing the need for preparation and support. The conversation also delves into the evolving landscape of revenue enablement, the potential impact of AI tools on real scenarios, and the importance of granular 1-to-1 sales conversations. Join us as we uncover key insights and strategies to elevate sales enablement and improve the efficiency of sales teams.


00:00 Manual tasks consume seller's time, hindering sales.

04:22 Efficiency through tools and time management benefits.

08:51 Expert Jonathan Carfert explores AI in business.

13:17 Elevate enablement to the executive level.

16:22 Reflection on sales enablement's evolution and future.

19:01 Enablement ethos: goal of helping sellers improve.

23:29 Sales challenges arise from recent acquisitions, fear.

27:44 Reacting to new scenarios, applying learned skills.

30:42 Agree on relevance in the C-suite, AI strategy.

32:16 Adapting to new market with intelligence and tools.

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