CX Meets Revenue Enablement: Aligning People, Process, Content, & Tech w/Craig Nelson

Welcome to CloseMode! In this episode, our host Brian Dietmeyer sits down with Craig Nelson, the lead for sales and marketing at Triptych, to delve into the world of revenue enablement and its impact on customer experience. They discuss the shift from traditional sales enablement to revenue enablement, emphasizing the need for a broader company approach that aligns marketing, sales, and service. Nelson highlights the importance of including the service organization in revenue enablement discussions and the impact of marketing and sales on customer loyalty. The conversation delves into aligning key performance indicators, measuring the impact of sales enablement efforts, and the need for strong senior management support. Join us as we explore the evolution of sales enablement, the challenges of leadership and implementation, and the potential of enabling technologies like machine learning and data to make a business case.


00:00 Effective enablement improves company alignment and growth.

06:05 Sales and marketing vital for business expansion.

07:19 Shift time from team to clients, challenges.

12:27 Balanced spending is crucial for business success.

15:50 Utilize technology for efficient onboarding with analytics.

17:25 Reduced content by 92%, focused on processes.

22:32 Utilize KPIs across marketing, sales, and services.

24:29 Shift to indirect model, think long term.

27:55 Excited about sales enablement change and technology.

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