Unveiling the Role of Situational Awareness in Enterprise Sales w/Amir Assar

Welcome to CloseMode, the enterprise sales show. In this episode, host Brian Dietmeyer interviews Amir Assar, VP of sales at Denodo, a data management platform. They delve into the concept of situational awareness in sales and its impact on successful selling strategies. Amir shares real-life examples and emphasizes the importance of taking a systemic and repeatable approach to understanding the needs and motivations of individuals involved in the sales process. Listeners will discover valuable insights to improve their own situational awareness skills and enhance their ability to enable better decision-making for their clients. So, get ready to gain actionable tips and strategies to level up your sales game in this insightful and engaging episode.


00:00 Be aware, adapt, and take action for success.

06:03 Negotiated larger deal by understanding compliance needs.

08:59 Mistake: Rushing sales pitch, enterprise software selling.

13:07 Slowing down can make the process quicker.

14:08 Take time, do due diligence, shorten process.

17:24 Consultant interview revealed lack of situational awareness.

20:21 Sales training emphasizes situational and personal awareness.

23:26 Identify key decision influencers and their motivations.

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