Just in Time Sales Training: Individualization, Positive Promotions, & More w/ Edie Berntson

In this episode, host Brian Dietmeyer sits down with Edie Berntson, Director of Sales Enablement, Sales Recruiting, and Training at Positive Promotions. Edie shares her valuable insights on sales training, engagement, and coaching, shedding light on the importance of individualized and just-in-time training. From her experience in building a training program from scratch to her unique approach to authentic selling, Edie's expertise offers a fresh perspective on modern sales training. Get ready for an enlightening discussion on the evolving landscape of sales training, the significance of personalization, and the impact of genuine connections in the sales process.


00:00 Addressing learning differences and engagement in training.

04:15 Sales reps close deals; also use training.

07:05 Guide leadership team in personalized coaching approach.

10:42 Seeking help, being authentic, connecting with others.

14:01 Understanding audience, adapting approach for maximum impact.

19:15 Approach sales differently, offer more services. Develop relationships.

23:22 Content emphasizes industry norms and need for customization.

24:02 Planning future show topics, discussing cow selling.

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